What’s age got to do with it?

“Shhhh, you don’t tell people you are turning 50. They will think you’re old!” said my girlfriend. What a strange comment. Why should people think I am old when I don’t think of myself as being ‘old’? And what is ‘old’ anyway and who determines this? I believe old is purely a state of mind, if you feel old, you are old, if you feel young you are young – and I feel young (most days anyway!).

As I neared my 50th birthday in late 2006, I knew I needed a new challenge.

It was time to stop procrastinating and begin living my dream – to earn an income as a speaker and trainer. Making the decision was the easy part, making it happen was more challenging! In 2007 I began my new business Master Networking.

I am now a speaker and trainer for those in the Professional Services Industry on how to create professional, profitable connections through networking. I present at conferences and seminars and hold workshops, which I have designed, in the offices of law, accounting and financial services firms. Beginning a new business from scratch has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I have ever done. I have had to draw on all my past life experiences and create many new ones and have developed a wonderful network of people, many whom have become valued friends. After 3 years building my Master Networking business I decided to share my experience with others who are at the young age of 50 plus, also want to pursue their dream or would like to make a lifestyle change, and don’t know where to start.

To create a community of women who not only want to live their dream but also to support other women help them live their dream. Ordinary women doing extraordinary things in order to live a life of their choice. Join our Women’s Business Now community to receive information, resources, support and inspiration to help you live your dream.

What has gone before… As women we are curious creatures and want to know about others so I thought I would share ‘the short version’ of my story.

I completed my teacher training in 1977 and married Andrew at the end of that year. He is a wonderful man whom I’m still happily married to 30+ years later. After teaching for 9 years we began a family and had Louise in 1986 and Mike in 1987. Although I planned to return to teaching when the kids started school, I joined an Australian Direct Sales/Party Plan company, Le Reve, to fill in my ‘spare’ time. This was a wonderful experience as I was able be ‘Mum’ during the day and ‘Business Woman’ at night (no I didn’t say Woman of the Night!).

This was an experience which I enjoyed so much I resigned from teaching and began building a business. This involved building a community of women who also wanted to create a lifestyle to earn money in their own time. Andrew, who was then working as a Medical Scientist, resigned from his fulltime position and we both worked from home – me building a business and Andrew enjoying the role of support person and home dad. It combined the best of both worlds – I was able to work from home and be there for my husband and children plus build a business, earn a great income. In a matter of years I had a down line team of 200 plus consultants with a business turn over around 2 million dollars a year, had luxury company cars and travelled the world with my Le Reve friends.

Bev Brough in Hong Kong

However, after 15 wonderful years with Le Reve I needed a change of direction and new challenge. I accepted the position of Business Development Manager for a financial services company. It was an enjoyable change being employed but the ‘novelty’ of working for someone else quickly wore off as they did not appreciate my abilities and eroded my confidence. Incidentally, I learnt a great deal about what not to do in business rather than what to do! Over the years I had attended many personal development seminars and was often asked the question “if personal circumstances were not an issue and you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?” During my years with Le Reve I had the opportunity to present at their conferences and train on a regular basis. Although most people hate public speaking I actually enjoyed it (in a funny, nerve racking sort of a way) so my answer was always “to be a professional speaker and trainer”.


And so I took the plunge and began living my dream.

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Then please share your awesome story with us. For the full details of my journey, and that of other inspirational women, you may be interested in mybook Now We’re Talking