Kathy WPOpportunities often present themselves when we least expect it! At times when we are content with our lives and our careers, and have come to a point and become resigned that this is as far as it goes.

And then someone offers you a chance to step way outside your comfort zone: A way of finally following your passion. But are you brave enough at the age of 50 to mix it up that much?

In my case that passion was to help people discover the world as I had done, and work with them to provide the holidays of their dreams.

This journey for me has at times been one of the most rewarding rides of my life. I am now able to tap into the ever-changing face of the travel industry with confidence, walk into boardrooms and present my corporate packages and design holidays for busy professionals. My skills as a PA have served me well but on their own were never going to make me a successful travel professional and business owner.

My advice to anyone considering a career change is concise. You must be prepared to become multifaceted. If it is your own business, listen to the experts. Take on a business coach and learn how to sell and close. Being passionate is nowhere near enough to make you successful but being passionate and determined will see you on the road to success.

Catherine Brown
Travel Counsellors

W http://www.travelcounsellors.com.au/catherine.brown


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