073014_2We all wish to live the life of our choosing. If that’s the case, why does it seem that so few of us actually do?

Creating the life we want should be easy, but for many reasons, it isn’t. Sometimes we’re too busy working, paying bills or just ‘doing life’. Sometimes we don’t know how to get clarity so we put it off until “later.” Or, perhaps, we have ignored what we really wanted and, instead, created a life that others wanted for us.

As mature women over 50, we should not be procrastinating any longer. Now is the time to live the life of our choosing!

How to Create the Life You Want

As a woman over 50, if you aren’t living the life you want, how do you get back on track? How do you get clear on what you want? And how do you stay committed to it?

Here are some steps that can help you get started:


Before getting what we want, we must first know what that is. Take out a blank sheet of paper and write “My Dream Life” at the top. List everything you want to have, do, be and share. From this list, generate goals to help get you back on course.

Avoid the “Shiny New Object Syndrome”

It’s easy to lose momentum by getting distracted with new, exciting opportunities. Having clarity makes it easier to distinguish those opportunities that help move us forward from the ones that throw us off track.

The next time a new opportunity arises, ask yourself, “How will this help me achieve my ultimate goal?” If it doesn’t, you probably want to dismiss the opportunity and move on.

10Redefine Failure

People who focus on the destination as opposed to the journey also tend to be more critical of their failures. When you enjoy the process along the way, it’s easier to appreciate the end result – whether you consider it a “success” or “failure.”

The next time you do experience failure, however, reframe it. Consider that you have just learned how not to do something, and then acknowledge yourself for what you’ve learned.

Give in to Your Primal Instincts

8Craving new challenges is hard-wired into our DNA. If it weren’t, we never would have left the cave, invented the wheel or flown to outer space. Ignoring this primal code over the long term can lead to disappointment. So how do you happily succumb to this urge with more clarity and structure?

Create a list of things you haven’t done yet, but want to do. Be specific and remember the guaranteed “no fail” rule when it comes to goal setting: write it down!

Putting your list in writing transforms it from a desire into a personal contract with yourself.

Last year, I did these steps as I designed how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. My list included spending time with family, especially Andrew as he is now unable to work and spends most of his time at home, travel, working the hours of my choosing in a career of my choosing and earning a great income so I could achieve all the things on my list. When I was presented with the Jeunesse opportunity I was unsure. However, when I looked into the business, it ‘ticked all of my boxes”. If you would like to know more, please contact me. :)

As with anything worthwhile, there is no quick fix when it comes to designing and building the life you want. However, these steps can help guide you along your path to living the life you want … and loving the life you live.

You are an amazing woman over 50, so now is the time to take action on living the life of your choosing. Take action Now!

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