091817_2A life aligned with your values is a deeply fulfilling one. When you make decisions according to your highest values, you are happier and less stressed. Your life seems to flow more easily as you live more consciously when you are aware of what is driving your daily choices. It is easier to make good choices when you know exactly what your values are. A life well lived is one conducted in accordance with your highest truths and core values.

Time to ponder on a few questions:

-      What do you believe in?

-      What really matters to you?

-      What values do you want to pass onto your children and grandchildren?

You may find the exercise below useful to help you determine your top 5 core values.

Most people make decisions according to a few core values; however, many never take the time to articulate what those values are. If you want to leave a legacy, you must first determine what you believe in – what is most important to you. Then you need to evaluate how well you are living according to those values, because those around you learn more from your actions and lifestyle than your words.

For example, if one of your core values is ‘My partner and family come before my job’ and you consistently work long hours and rarely spend time with them, they will conclude that your core value is that ‘my work is more important than my family’. As the saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”.

Here is a list of values. Circle those that are important to you and then highlight your 5 most important values.

AbundanceFinancial AbundancePeace
AccomplishmentFinancial ResponsibilityPerfection
Balance in lifeGenerosityQuality
FriendshipsOpen MindWorthiness

091817_4By identifying you core values, you will more easily be able to make decisions about your future and know that you are living by your core values. Many of the women I work with find this exercise very revealing and were not aware of their values. Some find it quite confronting. Others find they have not been living a life relating to their values at all and determine to make changes. So whatever you may be feeling when you complete this activity is OK.

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