Sophie1As CEO of The GSpot for Women, I run a signature program called “Discover your Super Self” aimed at women that are high achievers, leaders in organisations or business owners to help them overcome Superwomen syndrome.  Women feel that they have to be everything to everybody in order to be seen as successful, losing their whole sense of self and purpose.  What the program does is reconnects you to your higher authentic feminine self and your purpose, as well as eliminate fears and sabotage strategies and empowers you to live the life of your dreams on your terms.

In addition to the program I run a network called GROW – Growing Relationships and Opportunities for women with an educational session on one aspect of Emotional Intelligent Leadership.  As well as one-on-one coaching, run Goals groups, workshops, a retreat and I’m a speaker which I love the most.

Previous to running my own business, I was a PE teacher and had a number of small businesses on the side.  An entrepreneur at heart, I was always looking for ways to make money from a very early age, doing things I loved.  Ranging from screen printing t-shirts, recruitment, my own Aerobics business, running a crèche, retail men and women’s fashion,  direct selling and I am also a qualified Beautician.

Once Matt finished grade 6, I resigned from teaching and started my own business because I didn’t like where the education system was headed – focused on literacy and numeracy and not focusing on the whole child and what really matters in life – developing your natural talents  and social skills.

The best way to work out how to choose the best career for yourself is to write a list of all the things that come naturally to you, e.g. listening and solving people’s problems, talking, cooking, etc.  If you have no idea, ask your family and friends and they will tell you what your strengths are.

Then write a list of all the skills you have acquired, e.g. being organised, marketing, writing reports, teaching, etc.

Then write list of the things you love doing or are passionate about, e.g. painting, writing, being healthy, etc.

Then see if there is a way that you can combine your passion and use your talents and skills to turn it into a business and make money from it.  How can you solve a problem with your service or product?

Sophie Trpcevski
CEO of The Goal Spot For Women

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