Do you find that you put aside or bookmark articles of interest but never manage to read them?  The day flies by and there is so much pressure on your time that you don’t get the opportunity to read them – no matter how interesting or of value they might be.

It is nice when you get the chance to have a break in the day to relax and have a tea or coffee.

Therefore, I thought I would share a weekly tip or snippet of information that you could watch or listen to whilst having a cuppa.  This would be in the form of 2 – 3 minute Video Blog or as they are sometimes called, a Vlog – hence the name ‘cuppa vlog’.  Whilst you are enjoying your cup of tea or coffee, I will share a weekly tip, interview, or short piece of information that I hope you will find interesting and useful.

However, I want to make sure the topic and information I share is relevant and interesting, so I would really appreciate your comments on what subjects you would like me to include in the video program.  Just type in the comment box below and press submit.

I look forward to connecting with you soon on my new Video Blog.

Take action now!

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4 Responses to “Do You Need a Coffee Break?”

  1. Great idea Bev, potential topics inlcude: Dealing with change, Making a commitment to your dreams, Goal Setting, Planning, First steps to putting your dreams into action. Examples of people who have done it.

  2. Thanks Michele for taking the time to give feedback and have noted your thoughts on potential topics. All good and thoughtful areas which could be explored.

  3. Hi Bev, also, how about any new research or survey results regarding your target demographic? Many have the same target audience so would be useful. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Melinda for taking the time to comment. Currently doing reading and research around this demographic so will keep this in mind for the video topics.

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