JaraI’ve had a few career changes over the years, from sales and marketing, branding, buying, product design and development, boutique recruitment and merchandising … think I covered all base across fashion and homewares.

Oddly, no matter what I was doing, on the back burner was my passion for food. I was always dabbling in cooking, baking, using and sourcing great produce and naturally eating out at cafes and restaurants. It was a lifestyle for me, from morning to the last thing I would read at night – yep, a cookbook or food mag! Last year, I started a course in Commercial Cookery, a year to go to finish my Certificate IV – figure knowledge is good plus it will aid me in my catering ventures and who knows I might even make my way into the kitchen?

So it was no surprise to any of my friends and family that my partner and I finally bought a casual fine dining restaurant. Me, a passionate and self confessed or obsessed foodie, and he, a semi-retired chef. We were talking about it and thinking about for at least the last five years, and out of nowhere, an opportunity presented itself that was too good to be true. So we threw caution to the wind and just went for it! It was a case of now or never.

We are four months in, business is OK. There is a lot to learn and many challenges to face each day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Our restaurant Element is rustic, warm and welcoming. It’s a unique space and suitable for all get togethers, celebrations, functions or events.

My advise for those thinking about a change or pursuit of a dream, it doesn’t matter how old you are … if the opportunity presents itself follow your heart, you just never know where that journey may take you.

Jara Bojcuk

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