081716_1When you feel that your house is out of control – things everywhere. Where did they even come from? It can make you feel like your whole life is out of control.

These piles of things everywhere are clutter.

Clutter can affect you in many ways some of them include:

  • You waste time searching for things
  • It occupies space
  • You lose / forget things
  • Extra money is spent on items already purchased
  • Makes you feel busy
  • You get distracted
  • You have trouble focusing
  • Unnecessary stress
  • It affects you image as you look out of control
  • You can not prioritise

So take time to organise yourself both in your environment and your mind. Some ideas include:

Periodic brain dump

  • List everything that is flying around in your head.
  • Cross off what you really do not need to do
  • Prioritise items from most important to least important
  • Complete the most important items first
  • Gradually move down the list

Clean the physical clutter

  • Just as we are going to clear the mental clutter one item at a time, we can do the same with the physical clutter
  • Pick a space, whether it is the top of the desk, a draw or a cupboard
  • Pick up one item at a time and decide whether you really need it
  • What does the item contribute to your life?
  • Can you dump it?
  • Can you donate it?
  • If you have to action it, can you do it now?
  • If you can not do it now, can you date it? That is select a day in the next week when you can complete that task.

These are just some ways you can start to move forward and get rid of the clutter in your mind and your environment.

By moving forward each day, you are developing new habits, a better and more productive environment and a more focused you.

LifeStyle Refocus is a Melbourne-based professional organiser and lifestyle management consultancy. We are all about saving you TIME. We conduct workshops on ‘Managing your Time’, ‘Systemise Yourself to have a Productive Day,’ ‘DeClutter and Take Back Control’ and Mind Clutter.’ We work with individuals and businesses to help them create a better life.

For more information, go to www.lifestylerefocus.com.au or contact Michele on 0437 311 802.

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