081517_3Some women don’t like admitting or even like that fact that that they are over 50 (or in my case 60). However, I find it fantastic and so do many other women in my network. Today I would like to share 10 great things that some of these lovely women share with me that they love about being over 50.

1.  You have a lifetime of experience and wisdom to help you make decisions.

2.  You worry less – stop sweating the small stuff and realize what is really important in life.

3.  You can more easily laugh at yourself.

4.  You can be as grumpy as you want!

5.  You can spend your money on yourself instead of your kids.

6.  You worry less about what others think of you and are more likely to express your opinion.

7.  You have more freedom as your kids have – or hopefully will be – leaving home.

8.  You are less worried about current fashion trends and can create your own youthful style.

9.  There’s greater independence — and so many options.

10.  You can enjoy making love without worrying about getting pregnant.

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