Have you always approached the festive season the same way?  Do you find you continue family traditions or have you created new ones?  Do you approach Christmas at the same pace as a woman over 50 as you did when you were a teenager or a young adult?

When I was a teenager, I attended every social event during the festive season and hurried around everywhere on Christmas day.  The pace was hectic and very social.

Christmas day began by getting up early and exchanging gifts and then crossing the road of my quiet suburban street to a neighbor’s house where the adults caught up over Christmas drinks and the children excitedly showed off their presents.

Picture1Mum usually had Christmas dinner at our house and close family and Grandparents joined us where we ate a delicious and enormous meal.  As soon as dinner was over, I rush to friends’ homes that lived locally and shared the excitement of presents we had received.  I remember thinking I was very ‘cool’ the year I got a transistor radio!

We then bundle into the car and drive to the home of another relative for Christmas tea to eat more delicious food – and exchange more presents!  The whole day was focused around exchanging gifts, showing presents received, eating incredible amounts of delicious food and socialising.  I would fall into bed totally exhausted.

When I had a young family, the pace was just as hectic.  The focus was on them and ensuring they had an exciting day – however, the festive season was still incredibly busy.

As a woman of fifty plus, I really enjoy the festive season, but I tend to ‘pace myself’ differently.  This is not due to lack of energy orPicture2 interest, I just tend to prioritise my time differently now.  As I run my own business, I get invited to many business and social events, I need to make the decision on which ones to attend.  Whereas when I was a very young adult I attended ‘anything and everything’, now I am more selective.  As I really value my time I want to enjoy the functions I attend feeling vibrant and social rather than ‘not another event I have to attend!’

I enjoy my time with my husband, immediate family and my close friends and would rather spend my limited time with a selective few rather than a multitude of people who, for some unknown reason, feel they ‘must catch up before Christmas’.  I often spread my socialising into the New Year where I can relax with family and friends rather than try and ‘squeeze’ entertaining into a few weeks.

Has the pace of the festive season and the importance you place on your own time changed now you are fifty plus?  I would love to hear how you approach the festive season and socialising.  Just type your comments below and press reply.

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Have a wonderful Christmas Day and New Year.



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  1. Hi Bev,
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and every happiness for 2013.
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