Ann_N4_C2x3This is what I call a series of events where no one does anything wrong but something tumultuous happens. I went through a life storm about 12 years ago and now here I am the Entrepreneur Whisperer.

I love my work! I provide practical and mentoring support to sole traders and professionals transitioning into business.  I am a life coach with business savvy.

I worked in our family manufacturing business that grew from a garage to employing up to 45 employees. As the business grew, so did my experience. I ended up focused on finance and administration and sat on the Board of Directors. I was motivated to learn because I am curious by nature and it was contributing to my family’s welfare. I would not say I am ambitious and driven; I am more people orientated and a facilitating type of leader. I would probably not have gained the range of experience anywhere else.

Then the life storm happened – we undertook an expansion program and the building industry had an enormous set back and we got caught. All too quickly the business imploded, the marriage could not survive and I was unemployed.

I then became an Administration Manager and as part of professional development, I was offered a coaching program. While I was experienced in administration, finally, my passion for people was clearly articulated, even though I had always considered myself an introvert.  It was a light bulb moment – it made total sense!

While the demise of the business changed my life quickly, I believe there was part of me preparing to change. There was a whisper inside me that wanted another type of purpose, something that was far more personal for me, not for my family.

I completed training in Life Coaching, NLP and Train the Trainer while working as administration manager and bookkeeping.  I also maintained my bookkeeping skills and have since become a BAS agent.

So now, as Entrepreneur Whisperer, I provide coaching to determine the best way to be at your highest and best and then practical skills to ensure the transition to your new career or business.

The key to being your highest and best is to know your core values and passion and how these should be expressed in your life.  Sometimes these are hidden because you live these day to day and presume everyone operates at the same level. Once you find the career or business that serves your inner needs, you will be gain a lot of energy and resourcefulness to achieve your goals.

Ann Watson

B There & Entrepreneur Whisperer
P: 0430 442 260

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