LorraineAfter being in business 13 years as The Productivity Queen, I’d lost my passion for it.  At that time, I was 54 and thought, “What am I going to do instead?”

Fortunately, my daughter returned from overseas and declared, “I want to start my own business,” and immediately I got excited.

Together, we created a sporting academy – “Scrum-Nation” helping boys succeed on and off the field through rugby league.  This came about because my family is mad about the sport; my husband is an ex-player and my son played at the grass-roots level.  We saw an opportunity for a professionally-ran academy with good male roles (which was lacking in the sport in Victoria).  Through “Scrum-Nation” we became involved with youth networks, schools and had an alliance with Victoria Police Rugby League.  Within one year, we had created a lot of momentum, but unfortunately, we did not have the funds to keep the business afloat long term.

It was an exciting year and I was on fire.  Sport is so important for the boys’ well-being.  It literally can save their lives!  For many of the teenagers, playing sports may have been their only positive outlet.  Lots of young people are ‘going off the rails’ today as they do not have good role models to keep them on track.

When we decided we had to ‘throw in the towel’ I was despondent.  Now what am I going to do?  No more business for me.  I’ll make life easier and ‘work for someone’!

What was I thinking?

Scary as it was, I reinvented myself a few times.  I worked in real estate, the job network and the youth sector.  They were ‘interesting’ times.  However, I found I had become ‘mediocre’ and unable to unleash my real abilities.  I was like a ‘jack-in-the-box’.  I felt I was confined inside the box and screaming to get out.  I was very unhappy.

Fast forward to today … After I attended a “Personal Power” weekend at The Coaching Institute, I decided to have the courage to create a new business “Relaunch Your Life” as a direct result of my own experiences.  It all made sense!

Many women (and men) get stuck in a rut during different stages of their lives and I was no exception.  I’ve been through the ‘mid-life crisis’ and successfully transitioned out the other end.

‘It’s never too late’ to change direction.  The challenge for most people is they can be either too scared to make changes or don’t know what the next action steps are.

Lorraine Pirihi
Relaunch Your Life

If you’re unhappy, frustrated and overwhelmed in your life, contact Lorraine today on 0411 145 166 or email lorraine@relaunchyourlife.com.au to see how she can help you reignite the spark in your life!  You can also download her Free recording “How to Apply the 5 Success Principles to Your Life’ at www.relaunchyourlife.com.au

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