SThere is a saying “so you think so you shall be”. How you think dramatically affects how you think about yourself and your attitude to life. How you think or your attitude affects your language – both verbal and body.

Here are a few tips to help you think youthfully:

  1. Watch your language – “I must be getting old”. The more you say it, you are implanting it in your subconscious.
  2. Visual yourself as youthful and energetic. Whenever I see a vibrant woman who I think is older than me, I think, “That’s how I am going to be like when I am older.”
  3. Stop saying “I am too old to … whatever.” You are never too old to do most things. Make sure you are not using your age as an excuse not to do something.
  4. Mix with people who have a similar attitude to you and will support you in your ‘youthful endeavours’.
  5. Lighten up. Stop taking yourself and your life so seriously. Think positive thoughts about your present and your future and stop thinking about your past that can’t be changed. Have a youthful attitude.

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