This month I really enjoyed watching the London Olympics – from the comfort of my living room! I watched elite athletes whose burning desire and total focus was to win gold for themselves, their family, and their country.

Although I am inspired by these games, it is the Paralympics that really stirs me. There are so many inspirational stories of people who have overcome obstacles such as Kellie Cartwright who competed in the 100-meter track and long jump events. At the age of 15, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her knee and had to have her leg amputated. She only took up athletics at the age of 17 and says,  “I love running because it is a solo sport and it is all up to me.” She states that her biggest strength as an athlete is determination.

Hanna Dodd, who at 20 years of age competed in the equestrian events. Although she suffers from Sacral Agenesis, a rare genetic defect that creates an abnormality in the formation of the spine and spinal cord and causes partial dislocation in her joints, she trains most days in incredible pain. “I’ve learned to not focus on the pain but the challenge of ride”.

These amazing young women inspire me when I learn about what they go through everyday to achieve their personal dream to compete in the Paralympics. In fact, they put me to shame as I have days when I think “I am just too tired,” or “can’t be bothered’. Yet here I am, a woman over 50 in excellent health with endless opportunities and still continue to make excuses. One of my excuses for many years for not beginning my dream business to become a professional speaker and trainer was time – “when I have more time I will begin my business.” However, when I reached the age of fifty I knew that if I didn’t begin now, I would actually run out of time!

Do you make excuses that stop you from living the life of your choosing? Excuses such as “If only I was healthier, more energetic and slimmer; or if only I had more time, was more educated, talented and so on”. Be inspired by the wonderful women who competed in the Paralympics who had every ‘excuse’ why they couldn’t succeed yet did so anyway.

What is ‘your excuse’ that is holding you back from living the life of your choosing?

I’d love to hear what may be holding you back or what you overcame to make changes in your life. Just add your comments in the box below and then press send – easy :)

Take action now!

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  1. Too true Bev. We seem to use excuses too easily and that stops us being the best we can be.

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