Do you ever make time in your busy week to stop and dream?

This week, I would like to share some stories of women who did dare to dream -

– and then turned their dream into a profitable business.

What do you dream about?

To find out more, watch this quick video in this week’s episode of Now TV – for vibrant, women over 50

I’d love to hear what you dream about.  What you share may inspire other mature women to keep dreaming!

Just write in the comments box below.  Easy!

See you next week! :)

24 Responses to “Now TV #1 Do You Dream?”

  1. Bev I LOVE your new videos. You’re a natural on film and I love the colours and your beautiful energy. I found the short case studies you gave really inspiring and gave me food for thought. Especially as each was so different.

  2. Thanks Janet for your inspiration and guidance through your online program which helped me create Now TV. I am surrounded by amazing women who all support each other personally and online.

  3. Thanks Bev, this is great, love hearing about what other older women are doing. Well done :)
    For me taking time out from paid work was the best thing, and deciding that after many (many!) years of nursing I needed to leave it and do something different.

  4. Hi Bev … loved the case studies – let me know that no dream is too big when times get tough. Thanks for giving me that extra bit I need at present.

  5. Great work Bev, you look and sound fabulous. Love your work!!! Hugs Jane

  6. Thanks Jan. There comes a time in our lives when we need to reassess what we are doing – for some this may be a career change or as you have done, some time out to do something different.

  7. what a long way your journey has taken you. We did have some bumps along the way…so more inspiration to you!

  8. Thanks for the positive feedback Cheryl. We all need a little encouragement – especially when times are tough. Be inspired!

  9. Great to hear from you Jane and thanks so much for the encouragement and support.

  10. Well done Bev, this was an inspiring start to the day. Good to be reminded that at any age we can start something new and exciting.

  11. Yes Suzanne, we have both come a long way – and what an exciting journey – bumps and all!

  12. Thanks for the encouragement Karen and pleased the video helped you begin your day well. Age is just a figure (although as I get older my ‘physical figure’ increases!) and it is usually our mind that tells us that we are too old to take on new challenges. You have certainly made some exciting changes in recent years.

  13. Not sure what I dream of, but you’ve certainly got me thinking, thanks.

  14. Thanks Lou for taking the time to comment. We spend so much time rushing about it is important to stop and think and dream. During this time let your mind wander – you might be surprised where it takes. Happy dreaming!

  15. Good on you Bev. You’re always full of life and vitality. You’ve certainly hit the mark focussing on this specific market.

  16. Thanks Bev. Beautiful colours and inspiring words. Most of my happiness and work satisfaction has come from leaving one area and following my dreams into another. Life is an adventure to be lived, not a drudge to be endured.

  17. Great to hear from you Lorraine. I think that conversations, programs and resources for women over 50 is an area that has generally been ignored yet there are many women who are looking to make changes professionally in their life.

  18. Thank you Jeannette. Well done as it takes courage to leave an area where you feel secure to pursue your dreams. I think your last sentence sums it up so well. Wishing you much happiness and joy as you continue on your adventure!

  19. Sensational Bev, thanks so much. Great examples and stories to draw inspiration from. There is so much more to life for all of us.

  20. Congratulations Bev … awesome video … being mature is not a time for feeling regret and be filled with “if only’s” – it is a time to celebrate and take action. Since I turned 50 – life has been an amazing journey. My mum told me life starts at 50 … I wasn’t convinced of this … but now that I’ve turned 50 – and gone after my dreams, I could pinch myself its so good. I now have a successful business and look forward to the future with joy. I can’t wait to hear what you tell us next time :) .

  21. Thanks Bev.
    I love hearing inspiring stories of women stepping up, starting new business and not letting age stop them .
    Look forward to next week

  22. Thanks Sandra for your positive feedback. Age should never be a barrier to pursuing our dreams. Glad you plan to keep watching.

  23. Lovely to hear from you Julie and I value your comments as I know you are also doing amazing things online. Yes – sometimes our Mums can be right! There are so many things we can achieve no matter what our age, and like you there are many other women who are beginning new ventures over the age of 50 – and hope they inspire others who are contemplating making changes.

  24. Thanks Michele. I was so inspired by these women and so pleased you admire them also. It is great to see mature women taking action to live their dreams.

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