Do find you toss at night and wake up feeling exhausted just thinking about all the things you have to do for that day, week or month ahead – or is that just me? Actually I know I am not alone as many women have shared with me they constantly feel like they are juggling – work, home, family, social events, community involvement and much more.

Today I share with you what has helped me, and has also assisted many other women I work with, to de-clutter their life.

Once you have watched the video please share your thoughts on how you cope with life clutter in the comment box below. What you share might inspire another mature woman to take action.

2 Responses to “Now TV #10 Tip to Help You Cope With Life Clutter”

  1. Thanks for this handy tip. Fully agree the categories are a sensational idea and I love the order idea. Its a wonderful feeling when we can empty our mind so we can actually focus on what is most important. Plus the idea of taking the note and screwing it up and throwing it out is a real sense of achievement.

  2. Thanks Michele for your comment – especially since you are the expert in time management! We carry so much in our head it is good to get it on paper – and yes I certainly like screwing it up and throwing it away!

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