We are often told we need to learn to say no; however, we also need to learn how to say yes. Yes can open the door to new opportunities and experiences – professionally and personally.

Saying no all the time can keep us in our comfort zone and with practice, saying no can become too easy to say!

This week, I share some tips on how to learn to say yes – and the exhilarating feeling you experience when you use this powerful 3-letter word.

2 Responses to “Now TV #12 Learn How To Say Yes!”

  1. I have spent years learning how to say no – now maybe I need to be selective and learn to say yes to some things. Like you said last week – I might need to say yes to some challenging things and get out of my comfort zone.

  2. Thanks Liz for your comment. As women we learn to say yes at an early age and it is difficult learn to say no. However it is necessary to yes to some things we would prefer to say no to as this is how we step outside of our comfort zone and may experience new and exciting things.

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