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Sometimes as a woman over 40 or 50 we may use age as an excuse for not making changes in our life professionally. However, we have the advantage of years of experience, wisdom and many transferable skills.

As Janette Clonan, who made the transition from public sector to starting her own business over the age of 50, says “Age has not been a barrier for me; in fact the people I work with value my experience and knowledge”

To hear more of Janette’s story and to be inspired, watch this week’s video.

2 Responses to “Now TV #14 Be Inspired By Janette”

  1. Thanks Bev for another inspiring story. I agree with Janette that as we grow older, and wiser, others appreciate and value our experience and knowledge.

  2. Thanks for your comment Liz. Janette’s story, plus the stories of the other twelve amazing women in the book, all show us age is not a barrier to reinventing ourselves, personally or professionally!

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