As women, we tend to do everything ourselves and don’t ask for help. However, this week, I am going to ask for your help.

To find out how you can help me you are just going to have to watch this week’s episode.

4 Responses to “Now TV #18 I Would Appreciate Your Help”

  1. Thanks Bev for beginning this community. You are right that as women we are reluctant to ask for help. I have been watching , and enjoying, your videos so happy to share.

  2. Thanks Susan. It was a big decision to ask for help however I am pleased I did and thanks for your encouragement and support.

  3. More than happy to share your message Bev. Such a valuable message to so many women. Congratulations on the clarify of mission, I could see the determination in your mind.

  4. Thanks Michele. I value your continued support and encouragement. I also appreciate your regular comments as I hear from some women that they watch the video’s however are a little apprehensive to add comments.

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