It can be difficult staying motivated when working on a challenging task or towards a long-term goal.  How do you do stay motivated when the ‘going gets tough’?

This week, I share a tip that many successful people use in order to achieve their goals.

To find out more, watch this short video in this week’s episode of Now TV – for vibrant, 50plus women

I’d love to hear how you keep motivated.  What you share may inspire other mature women to keep focused!  Just write in the comments box below.  Easy!

See you next week.


3 Responses to “Now TV #2 Would You Like to Feel Motivated Everyday?”

  1. Well done on your Web TV videos Bev, motivation is a major barrier for some people and one that cannot be underestimated. We all like rewards and I’m going to try it starting today!

  2. Thanks Tanya for your encouragement. It can be especially difficult to stay motivated if the the project is a long one. Interested in hearing what rewards you find help you stay motivated.

  3. Love your video. Your are spot on about some days needing motivation and I love the concept of a reward. My mind started racing about all those wonderful things I could do to push through and get things done.

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