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Remember when you were 21 years old? Gosh, time flies by! Where were you living and what were you doing — and with whom?

What were your dreams at the age of 21? Have these dreams been realised? As a mature woman, do you have new dreams you want to achieve or are you still holding onto a dream you haven’t fulfilled?

This week, I share how reflecting back can help you to move forward.

As always, I love to hear your thoughts, so please type in the comment box under the video.

Hope you enjoy today’s episode.

8 Responses to “Now TV #21 Do You Remember When You Were 21?”

  1. Well done Bev on your 21st episode. Being 21 seems so long ago yet on the other hand seems like only yesterday. You are right that time passes very quickly and as a woman in my fifties I have dreams within that I haven’t realised as yet. Maybe it is time to do something about it!

  2. Thanks Susan and time does fly by so quickly. Please let me encourage you that NOW is the time to take action on your unrealised dreams as you don’t want to life of regret. Let me know if I am able to assist or even how I might be able to encourage you in any way.

  3. Thanks for the 21st Video Bev.
    Giving my 21 year old self advice would be hard, so many things to say do, so many to tell to avoid, I guess the best I could do is,play it just like I have all over again but don’t loose your identity during marriage, hang on to being yourself, not a clone of your partner.

    Another thing would be ‘If someone else can do it, so can you.’

    For myself, now single, I am 75 years old, fulfilling wonderful dreams, and looking forward to so many more.
    Life is better with aims.

    Jean dennis

  4. Thanks so much Jean for taking the time to comment and sharing of yourself. It is good to reflect back and look at the lessons we have learned. Yes, be inspired by others who are taking action. I am inspired by your your enthusiasm and view on life. All the best.

  5. Hi Bev, yes congratulations on reaching the 21st episode.
    If I was able to give myself advise at 21, I think these would be the three main ones.
    1. Ignore or take negative comments with a grain of salt, that you can’t do it, when you know inside that you can.
    2. Reach within yourself for the one thing that would give you satisfaction or you have a passion for in your career life and go for it. Even if it takes going to University to achieve your idea career.
    3. Save money while you can and invest in property.

  6. Thanks Yolande. It is an interesting exercise to reflect back and you have made some great observations personally, professionally and financially. I particularly like point 2 as this is what Women’s Business Now is all about – working with passion and purpose.

    PS. Hope your property investment portfolio is performing well.

  7. Congratulations on your 21st episode. I can’t believe it, the time has flown. Interesting question you pose and I certainly have lots of wisdom and advice for 21 year old me. One part is “follow your passion” and “step out of your comfort zone”. Words that are serving me very well now.

  8. Thanks Michele for your congratulations and support as you regularly leave a comment. Great tips for your ’21 year old’ self.

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