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How well do you cope with change? Some women embrace it whilst others are reluctant. We all handle change in different ways.

This week I thought it might be fun to do a quiz, so check out this week’s video and have some fun.

Please share below the video, in the comment box, what you learned about yourself by doing this quiz.

To download the Quiz – How Well Do You Cope With Change, please click here.


2 Responses to “Now TV #23 How Well Do You Cope With Change?”

  1. So very true Bev, change can be a challenge for us at times. That’s for bringing this topic to my attention, it will allow me to ponder on my decision making at times and recognise when I am resisting because of change.

  2. Yes Michele all change can be challenging – even small challenges. It is good to open and receptive to pursuing change as it often opens many new and exciting doors of opportunities.

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