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Do you say or do things and then wonder or even worry afterwards what others may think of you? I am also guilty of this as I worry every week what you will think about my videos and me!

I remember reading a quote by Dr Wayne Dyer, “What others think of me is none of my business”.

This week I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do something and not worry about what others will think of you.

6 Responses to “Now TV #27 Why Do You Worry What Others Think Of You?”

  1. Thanks Bev, your an inspiration.

  2. Thanks Helena for being the first to comment! I appreciate your kind words :)

  3. Hi Bev. I regularly watch your videos however don’t comment so here goes! I enjoy watching the videos because they are short and I prefer this format than reading information. I also find them inspirational and give me something to think about. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Andrea for ‘getting out of your comfort zone’ and making a comment. I appreciate your feedback and hope you continue enjoying the videos. If there are any particular topics you would like me to cover please let me know.

  5. I’m not there yet but I fully agree once I stopped worrying about what others think of me and what I do I felt empowered, I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and achieve more.

  6. Thanks Michele for commenting. I don’t think we ever really stop completely worrying about what others think of us, it is whether we let it stop us doing what we want to do, or as you have mentioned – getting out of our comfort zone!

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