Do you look at a task and feel overwhelmed because you just don’t know where to start? Do you sometimes make excuses so you don’t have accept a new challenge?

This week on Now TV, I share how to overcome overwhelm with one very simple tip.

Please share your comments and tips on how you overcome overwhelm because what you share may assist another viewer.

See you next week. :)


8 Responses to “Now TV #4 Overcoming Overwhelm”

  1. Hi Bev,
    Totally agree, it does start with one very small, specific, manageable step. The smaller the step the better.
    With each step you build momentum, you build courage, you build your dream.
    Thanks for a great program – Helen Ebdon

  2. Bev, I so admire you for having go this TV program up and running. It is such a great example of taking one step and a time and finally getting there. And soon you’ll be teaching others how to do what you didn’t know just a short way back. We are only a few steps, months, or perhaps at the most years ahead of those who don’t know what we now know. And the only way we got to know it, was by taking that first step and then the next and then the next …. Great tip. Sandy

  3. Thanks Helen for your comment and positive feedback on the new Now TV program. Just lots of small steps in the right direction is certainly better than not taking any steps forward.

  4. Thanks Sandy for your encouragement. Yes, Now TV has been a learning challenge and I have learnt a great deal along the way. It is important to move forward however you are right that often we forget to look at the successful steps we have taken and the distance we have travelled.

  5. Totally agree Bev, take it one step at a time.

    It is also valuable to notice what thoughts pop up when deciding to do something different.

    You know the ones I mean: the thoughts that judge and condemn so we find ourselves thinking “I’m not good enough.”

    Believe me, if you can imagine it, you CAN do it … so go right ahead and take that first step :)

  6. Thanks Victoria for your valuable comment. As women we have endless thoughts swirling in our head and many are often unsupportive. Once we change our thinking we can change our actions – one step at a time.

  7. Thank you Bev, fully agree. As women, we can put off things using excuses and justifications and time just goes on and on. We can wait for the confidence to take action but really its when we take action that we gain confidence.
    My step – for everything that I learn I now implement [take action] just like you said. I had been on a learning loop for a while. I wanted to get it perfect so I needed all the information but I realised I wasn’t getting anywhere so now I just take action.

  8. Great ingisht Michele. When we take action, even just one step, we gain confidence and this continues the more steps we take. If we wait until we are perfect we probably won’t do anything – again this is just another excuse!

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