Do you ever make plans and find they don’t proceed as expected? This is not unique to you as it happens to all of us. Stuff happens! Do you stamp your foot in frustration, give up or do something proactive? When something happens to your plans you need to make a decision – however what decision will you make?

Today I share how a change of plans can empower you and help you to take action.

Please share in the comment box below the video if you have needed to change plans and it turned out to be much better than expected  - and also what you learned from this experience. I would love to join in the conversation.

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2 Responses to “Now TV #5 How To Cope When Plans Change”

  1. I planned to go for run at 6:30am this morning and recieved a text message from my running buddy to tell me its raining. I smiled rolled over and stayed in bed until 8am. A decision I was very happy with because I have had late nights for the past seven nights.Now i’m up and focused 100 percent which might have not been the case if i had woken up at 6am. We nedd to make sure that we are kind to our selves instead of beating ourselves up all the time and feeling guilty or not good enough. Have a wonderful day indoors.

  2. Great point Sophie. There are times when putting the action aside or postponing is the best course of action – as long as it is a considered decision and not simply procrastination. We should make the most suitable decision and agree that we shouldn’t ‘beat ourselves up’ over it. After all, we don’t need to be a superwoman – what a great topic for a book this would be!

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