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When I turned 50, I was really excited and I was telling everyone about my upcoming birthday. I thought 50 was a great milestone. I was fit and healthy and really looking forward to the next decade and further. I had lots of plans!

I had some girlfriends say I shouldn’t tell everyone I was turning 50.

Others said that they wouldn’t share with anyone that they were turning 50 – and they said it almost as if it was a disease!

Others shared that they were really fearful of turning 50.

Find out why on this week’s episode of Now TV.

Please share your thoughts around turning 50 in the comment box below the video. We can all then join in the conversation.

2 Responses to “Now TV #50 Why Do Some Women Fear Turning 50?”

  1. I’m turning 50 this year Bev and I like you, am very excited about turning 50. I feel great and look great, my kids are independent and now am excited about the next phase of my life living on my terms.

  2. Can totally agree that you are looking great Sophie – plus you are so full of energy! Turning 50 is an exciting milestone and hope I can join in your celebration :)

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