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Recently I was watching an English documentary on the ABC about women in their 40’s and 50’s who wanted to dramatically change their lives and what they did when they experienced their ‘mid life crisis’.

One woman started getting lots of tattoos. Another moved from her traditional English house to live in a small boat on a canal. Another woman began getting cosmetic surgery and another decided to take a lover!

For some women, turning 40 or 50 is a turning point in their lives. However, before you make a radical physical or lifestyle change, there are a few things to consider.

You’ll have to watch this week’s video to find out what they are.

2 Responses to “Now TV #54 Have You Suffered A Midlife Crisis?”

  1. Hi Bev,
    I seem to be going through a midlife crisis at this point in time of my life. So what I plan on doing is seeking advise from a life coach or sit down with a friend. Or maybe take some time out to write down what I am looking for and have a good think about it before making rash decisions.


  2. Lovely to hear from you Yolande. It is great that you have identified that you seem to experiencing a midlife crisis and are going to be proactive about it. Taking some ‘time out’ is always good to clear the head and reassess your situation. Talking to a professional is also a wise move so ask around your friends for a recommendation. Although I am not a professional life coach, I am willing to have a chat. Send an email to bev@womensbusinessnow.com.au with your contact details and some good times to call. It may not seem like it, however this is an exciting time in your life, and who knows what opportuniites may come your way.

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