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Keeping an active mind is important for women at any age.  It is especially relevant for mature women as there is so much discussion around dementia and that fact that the numbers who suffer this debilitating disease is increasing.

Therefore, this week, I would like to share 5 tips on how to keep an active mind from the Harvard Medical School.

Once you have watched the video, please share your favourite tips for keeping an active, youthful mind.

2 Responses to “Now TV #57 Youthful Tips For Women Over 50 – Active Mind”

  1. I am now enjoying being past the 50 year older age, at first I needed to adjust, mainly because of my perspective on age. But nowadays I love where I am in my living life-style.
    ‘Always be accountable for our own actions’, this is a priceless learning.

    A tree as an example of cultivating action from a basic perspective, is as follows. The mind is the root, thoughts are the trunk, behaviour the branches, and speech are leaves. If we try to correct the problem of an unhealthy tree by plucking off each leaf while forgetting to treat the root, our efforts will be futile. But if we Begin from the basics, our problems will be easily solved.

    ” A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart.

  2. Thanks Linda for taking the time to comment. I am pleased you have adjusted to be being past 50 years young because as mature women we have so much to offer and have many years for many more wonderful experiences. Love your analogy about about the tree as this is so true and also the quote from Amelia Earhart. Everything begins with a thought!

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