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We continually face challenges. Some challenges are of our choosing, such as deciding to change your career or begin a new hobby. Some challenges are thrust upon us, such as illnesses or a sudden job loss.

Today, I would like to discuss embracing the challenges that are of our choosing – like moving house, learning a new skill or changing your job. Sometimes we shy away from accepting challenges due to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what others will think of us and so on. However, accepting challenges help us to learn, grow and remain youthful by living a passionate and productive life for many years.

In today’s episode, I share some strategies that may help you more readily embrace challenge.

I would love to join in the conversation about embracing challenges, so please write your thoughts below the video.

2 Responses to “Now TV #65 Youthful Tips For Women Over 50 – Embracing Challenges”

  1. Hi Bev,
    My challenges are at the moment are trying to complete qualifications, while working in a job that I dislike and restricts the hours I spend on studying. Focusing on the goal, and imagining myself in the business of my dreams, always helps me to get back on track and more determined to complete my studies.


  2. Lovely to hear from you Yolanda, and for sharing your challenge. It can be hard ‘being practical’, working in a job you don’t enjoy, especially when it is purely a means to an end. However you are doing the right thing by constantly visualising. All the best with your studies.

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