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Boring!!! I hear you say. It’s like losing weight or exercising – we know we should do it but why and how?

In this episode of Now TV, I share 10 great reasons WHY you should drink more water and a few tips on HOW to increase your water intake.

Do you drink lots of water? If so, below the video, please share your tips on how mature women can increase their water intake. It may help another mature woman remain youthful.

2 Responses to “Now TV #67 Youthful Tips For Women Over 50 – Drink More Water”

  1. Hi Bev, Thanks for this video and the reminder about the importance of water. I have struggled to drink water – I get busy and just forget. However, in recent weeks I have made a bigger effort to increase my intake and yes I do notice the difference. I have been surprised how much I can drink after I start. It is like the body is a plant which has been left unwatered for a while and when the water starts to flow, the body absorbs it thirstily and wants more and more. It is very helpful in reducing cramps. I agree with the importance of creating a habit. It like anything you are wanting to change. It needs a focus and consistency to get results.

  2. Lovely to hear from you Dawn and great comment regarding water. I particularly liked your analogy that our body is like a plant and needs watering regularly or it will become dehydrated. Drinking is a habit, however once established it is easy to continue drinking plenty of healthy water.

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