As a woman over 50, do you feel invisible? You read magazines, listen to the radio or watch TV and never see or hear anything about or for vibrant women over 50 like you and me. It is almost as if we don’t exist!

Unless you are a celebrity like Ita Buttrose or Deborah Hutton – no one seems interested in us. Why? What are we going to do about it?

If you feel this way, please watch this week’s video and share your thoughts in the comment box below the video. Let’s get some discussion happening about this topic.

10 Responses to “Now TV #7 Why Are Women Over 50 Invisible?”

  1. I meet women regularly when I speak or run seminars and many feel that they are invisible. By encouraging them to be the best they are, right now, by putting more laughter into their lives, they start on a journey that helps them move to a more visable life. Laugh because being over 50 you are in your prime and not an adolescent without life experience; laugh because you have more energy and people will invite you to be part of their lives; laugh because it makes you a better communicator and people want to listen to you; laugh because men women and children alike want to be around someone who is confident to laugh at anything; laugh because you are seen as someone who ‘must’ know the answers and therefore you become highly visible.

  2. What you say is very true Bev, my age-group is considered ‘old’ or ‘elderly’ by many.
    Yet women in their 50s are doing some of the most amazing things for our community and society.
    My experience volunteering with not-for-profits is that the core group of volunteers tends to be people like us.
    We are also the people who have energy, time and dreams.
    Love your work!

  3. There was a show on television just last week that showed “older women” shopping and how they are “invisible”. Confirms exactly what you are saying. Congratulations on you for raising our awareness on this subject.

  4. Lovely to hear from you Phillipa. Your comment even made me laugh – and it just makes you feel better. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and we need to enjoy our life, no matter what our age! Enjoy your day – as you always do :)

  5. Thanks Jan for taking the time to comment and your encouragement. Volunteering is a much needed and valued service. By giving freely of our time we feel better about ourselves – and in turn become more visible. Agree with your comment that women over 50 have “the energy, time and dreams”.

  6. Thanks Michele. The question is – what can we do as women over 50 to become more visible?

  7. So agree Bev. We are neither young or old, yet have so many productive years ahead of us. Suggest creating some forums or events where we as a group can meet together.

  8. Thanks Karen for your suggestion. I am planning a series of workshops where women ‘of a certain age’ can learn new skills and dinners where dynamic, mature women can just enjoy each others company and share ideas.

  9. Agree with Karen. It would be great to have some seminars and workshops especially for mature women. We have different interests and challenges to those much younger than us and those who are in their retirement. I ,plan to, and look forward to work for many more years.

  10. Thanks Kate. I am planning a series of seminars so keep an eye on the and websites.

    I have also been told not to use the term ‘mature women’ as it makes us women over 50 sound old. Looks like I will have to come up with another term. Any suggestions anyone?

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