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There are many photos in magazines of mature ‘celebrity’ women, who I think look like they have had cosmetic surgery, in order to keep them looking young. Why do they have it? What is wrong with aging gracefully?

I understand that these women are in the spot light; however, what is this saying to us, the average mature women? That we don’t look attractive as we age?

I would love to know your thoughts on having cosmetic surgery for women as they age. Would you have cosmetic surgery and if so, what would you have done? Please comment in the box below as I would love to join in the conversation.


Please note – in the video:  The comments made by me about certain celebrity women who I think have had ‘cosmetic work’ is my opinion only and not based on fact.

7 Responses to “Now TV #72 Would You Have Cosmetic Surgery To Look Younger?”

  1. Have an attitude of gratitude resonated with the group of women in my laughter yoga community who I asked the question you posed. All of them are 50+ they loved what they saw in the mirror One commented that she always sought out woman with the most ‘crows feet’ around the eyes as she saw this as being a sign of someone who laughed a lot, and a person she wanted to be around!

  2. Thanks Phillipa for asking your group of women their views. I am pleased that they love what they see in the mirror and I certainly agree that laugh lines are indeed attractive, as it shows an external expression and physical expression of happiness and fun within.

  3. No I wouldn’t have cosmetic surgery as I plan to grow old gracefully. I am who I am within, even though my exterior may age.

  4. Thanks Janet for taking the time to comment. I like the fact you acknowledge that who you are on the outside is not necessarily a reflection of who you are. We can mourn the loss of our ‘youthful’ looks or embrace the many benefits of maturing. We are like a good bottle of wine!

  5. Thanks ladies for taking the time to comment and joining in the conversation. It is great to hear your views on cosmetic surgery.

  6. I believe that we need to look after ourselves, eat well, drink lots of water, exercise, have heaps of sex and laugh a lot. When you do all these things no will know how old you are because you will be beaming brightly no one will be able to see any of your wrinkles.

  7. Thanks Sophie for reminding us of all the things we need to do that will help us radiate good health and exude youthfulness from the inside. Maybe that is why you always look so vibrant. What wrinkles!?!

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