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Recently I shared how my husband Andrew and I have had to make adjustments to our life.  Andrew has prostate cancer and is no longer able to work.  After 37 years of marriage, we have established our “roles” and these have now changed.

In this week’s episode, I would like to personally thank you for your encouragement and support, so please click on the video.

If you live in Melbourne, I would love to reconnect with you and also to introduce you to the lovely ladies in my network.  Therefore, I am holding a dinner on Thursday, 18th June. Click on the link below.


2 Responses to “Now TV #79 Thanks For Your Support”

  1. Looking forward to a big hug and catching up with you and all the other gorgous women coming.


  2. Thanks Sophie. You are one of the special friends I was talking about in the video. Appreciate your friendship and look forward to catching up with you at the dinner. XOX
    (Hope these symbols don’t mean anything else but Kiss,Hug,Kiss – I once had to have pointed out to me that LOL no longer meant Lots of Love but Laugh Out Loud).

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