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I have been doing these videos for a while – now up to video 84!

Although I enjoy doing the videos, I wonder if you are being inspired or learning anything from them. It can be quite lonely smiling and talking into the lens of a camera wondering if what I am saying is of benefit to you. Although I ask for comments in the comments box below, I receive very few. This makes me wonder if anyone watches or finds the videos of interest.

Therefore, this week, it is ‘over to you’. Should I continue with Now TV – or maybe even have a break for a while?

Please comment in the box below the video and let me know your thoughts – or if you would prefer send a personal email to bev@womensbusinessnow.com.au.

I would REALLY LOVE to hear your thoughts. :)

8 Responses to “Now TV #84 Should I Continue With Now TV?”

  1. Bev, I don’t have time to watch these everytime.

    I really enjoyed your dinner in Camberwell where you had a specialist speaking.

    I would be happy to speak about the work I do….. to help others understand colour with respect to their renovating needs Also happy to donate my time to do this.

    Just an idea!

  2. Hi Bev,
    There are time in every ones life that we need to stop and reflect on things; to decide whether to continue or to make changes.
    Just to let you know, I would not be where I am today, with a focus on reaching my career goal as a mature women, if it weren’t for these inspiring videos. It has also taught me to appreciate my mum.
    I do hope you don’t discontinue with NOW TV.


  3. please do not stop doing your videos Bev. You are a treasure.

  4. Keep up the good work , many folk find it easier to click rather than to type feedback . Kind regards Debbie

  5. Thanks Lyn. I plan to continue with the dinners and I am finalising a date in October for another one. Have a speaker lined up however it would be great to have you speak at a dinner next year. I will be in touch.

  6. Thanks Yolande for your feedback. Yes I am reflecting and reviewing on all I do. I am so pleased you have been inspired to reach your career goals :) I also appreciate that you regularly take the time to comment on the videos and on the Facebook page. Whatever I decide regarding the videos, we can still stay connected. X

  7. Thanks Lyn. Pleased you enjoy the videos :)

  8. Thanks Debbie. It was lovely to reconnect at the Women of Now dinner recently. Hope to catch up with you at the next one :)

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