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I googled what age is a senior citizen – and it came up with ages 60, 55 and even 50. I don’t consider myself a senior citizen.

For too long the media and society have told women over 50 how to think, look and behave. I think much of this is outdated and from a previous generation.

We are part of the new generation of youthful, vibrant women over 50 who want to live for many years with passion and purpose.

Let’s work together to change the perception that the media and society has of women over the age of 50.

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4 Responses to “Now TV #52 We Are Not Senior Citizens at 50!”

  1. Well done Bev
    i am with you all the way.

  2. Thanks Louise for joining me on this mission to change the perception of women over the age of 50. We are certainly a vibrant and dynamic demographic of women!

  3. Hi Bev,
    I come up against this many times from my parent or siblings, your getting older this looks better on you, or you can’t do that. Feel silly when I say thinking of studying to start a career. Yet my Aunty finished her Law degree at the age of 50 and now enjoys her new career.
    This in mind helps to keep me focused and working towards my goal.


  4. Thanks Yolande for sharing your thoughts. I’d like to know who actually made up the rules about how we mature women should look, think and behave??? Good on you for returning to study and pursuing a new career. New challenges such as this keeps you vibrant and youthful – and you are obviously not in the ‘senior citizen ‘ category?

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