Now We’re Talking offers inspiration to ‘begin again’ and to choose a positive, life-affirming path. Women over fifty who are uncertain of the future, or who lack the confidence to follow a long-held dream of change, will find in this book stories that will support them to make a first step into becoming the woman they would like to be

Yvonne Meils

The stories of these women showing commitment and hard work are revealing. Particularly interesting are the individual analysis and interpretations of success. There are thought provoking gems in each one making this book a valuable resource for others. I think I could not achieve what they have - but could I?


Bev Brough's book ‘Now we're talking’ runs counter to the youth culture and demonstrates time and again that it's never too late to follow the dream. Life really does begin at 50 …

Heather Grant

My first thought when I finished reading this book was "Good on the lot of you"! I loved reading about the focus, tenacity, discipline, hard work, flexibility, sharing, serendipity, courage and taking the bit between the teeth in a re-honing or re-invention of self. And of course, the love and care which shines through it all. How marvelous to reach mature years and have so much available, then find the way to put this to effective use in a manner which makes your own heart sing, despite all pitfalls, uncertainties and unknowns.

Gillian Chapman

Loved the stories of the women 're-inventing' themselves and taking charge of their own careers and lives. I am inspired by the courage these women found in themselves to pursue at some risk financially and otherwise to their dreams and goals. Reading the stories has made me re-consider what I want for my life and career and to take steps towards making this happen.

Lesley Dalyell

Bev with this book you remind me that I am the one who determines my future and satisfaction with life. It helps to know that so many others have negative self talk that can be overcome by awareness and focus on positive feedback.

Sue Fenny

One of the best sayings I've ever heard is 'You can't go back to the beginning to make a brand new start, but you can start from now and make a brand new end'. What I love about this book is it’s challenging people no matter where they’re at on their journey to begin now and make changes that will ultimately transform their life for the better. Bev Brough's style is engaging, down to earth and above all, inspiring. Congratulations for putting together such a wonderful book.

Dale Beaumont

Author of 16 Best-Selling Books, Managing Director of "Business Blueprint"

Congratulations on your new book Bev – it is brilliant. I love your and your contributing authors raw honesty and wonderful stories. It is an inspiring book, which will help many mature aged women live their dreams.

Robyn Henderson

Author and General Manager, Networking To Win

After reading this book you’ll have no doubt that 50 is the new 30. Inspiring, flexible and totally in charge of their destinations these twelve women have reshaped the way they are building their businesses, forging their careers and living their lives. It’s evident that with maturity both power and passion are personified. Mature inspirational women are quickly becoming the powerhouse of our nation and a force to be reckoned with.

Lynette L Palmen AM

Founder and Managing Director - Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd

Bev has made her dreams come true and encourages other women, via her book, to find their courage and audacity to go after their own. She lives and breathes the messages in her book. She has gathered some great women to tell their story so that others might be empowered to write their stories with their everyday lives. She loves women and loves helping them to live big full lives. This book is testimony to the fact that dreams do come true and we are all the richer for it. Congratulations on making "Now We're Talking " a gift of encouragement for others.

Lisa McInnes-Smith B Ed CSP CPAE

International Speaker Hall of Fame, Inspiring Leaders to Inspire