A woman is told never to reveal her age and we’re told it’s rude to ask. Well I’m 56 and proud of it!

You may recall that last year I released a book called, ‘Now We’re Talking’ which included inspiring stories from mature women. I wrote this book to inspire and empower women over 45 years of age to reinvent themselves both professionally and personally.

I am currently writing my next book in the series called, ‘Now We’re Talking – Health for Mature Women’.

So why write a book on health for mature women? This demographic tends to be ignored with very little health information to support and educate women to continue living a healthy, productive lifestyle. I should know; I’m in this age group!

And this is where my valuable network comes into play. I am asking all of you if you are able to help me connect with others. Are you, or do you know anyone in your network who is a female health professional who may be interested in increasing their profile and business?

I’m calling for any female health professional who may want to become a published author by contributing a chapter in one of the areas below:

  • Energy – sleep, relaxation, meditation, fatigue
  • Nutrition – weight management, general nutrition, nutritional supplements
  • Exercise – benefits of various forms of exercise such yoga, swimming, gymnasiums etc. personal trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors
  • Women’s Health – such as menopause, osteoporosis, heart health etc.
  • Mental Healthstress, depression, maintaining an active brain
  • Health alternatives – naturopathy, aromatherapy, health supplements

Can you help me out please? If you know of anyone (or you are that someone), please forward this information to them and ask them to contact me, or send me their details and I will contact them directly.

I thank you for your support and together, I’m looking forward to raising health awareness in women over 45.

To your health and continued success,

Bev Brough
03 9562 0028
0408 761 564

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